Submitting Your Design To Beadie Buddys!
It is very fun to design your own pattern. Just remember that when you are designing, that you know how they are made so the patterns will come out right when finished.
Before you design patterns, it is very important for you to first bead a few beadies so that you can understand how they go together. Once you become become more experienced, you will understand how to make the patterns.
Just remember when designing the patterns to look at the most important characteristics of the character... it has red hair... so will your pattern. ect...
Keep in mind size of your pattern, remember that making a pattern too big, it wont work right. Remember that you can not go from a row of 2 beads to a row of 7 it just doesnt work. Do not add more than 2 beads each row.
Download our bead template
I use My Standard Paint program that comes with windows. You can go to to see her bead pattern tutorial. also, margo has a
beadie making tutorial at
Looking forward to adding your design to the new upadated Free Beadie patterns pages. Check it out here.

Remember when submitting your patterns, to include the stringpaths, material list, how many beads you will need and what colors.
Also, do not forget your name, where you are from, and whatever else you want to appear by Designed by...."
send your finished pattern to me at
I will then look at your pattern and make any necessary adjustments if any are needed, and add it to the web site. Check back within a day or two to see your pattern!