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Newly added Patterns 1/18/04
Bear In heart Boxers
I Love You Keychain
'Lil Foxy
Mousie Heart Warmer
Bear Heart Warmer
Mr. Valentine Mouse
West Highland White Terrier
Valentine Puppy
Elephant Heart Warmer
Froggie Heart Warmer
Lion Heart Warmer
Racoon Heart Warmer
TIger Heart Warmer
Red M&M In heart Boxers
Courting Pooh Bear
Newly added Patterns 1/19/04
Super Hero Of Love Eeyore
Super Hero Of Love Pooh Bear
Super Hero Of Love Tigger
Super Hero Of Love TIgger 2
Valentine Heart Suncatcher
Chicago Bears Bear
Green Bay Packers Bear
NFL Bulldog Series Chicago Bears
NFL Bulldog Series Green Bay Packers
Valentine Heart Snoopy
Apu From The Simpsons

Newly added Patterns 1/23/04
Bunny Holding Heart
Bear Holding Heart
Elmo Holding Heart
Spongebob Cowboy Pants
New England Patriot
New England Patriot Bear
Washington Redskin Bear
Hugs Bear
Kisses Bear
Cutie Pie Bear
Be Mine Bear

Andy Panda Holding A Rose
Don Juan Goofy
Sagwa the Siamese Cat
Dongwa The Siamese Cat from Sagwa
HOt Stuff Devil Bear
Kanga From Winnie The Pooh
Kitty Holding Heart
New England Patriot Cheerleader Bear
New England Patriot Pajama Bear
NFL Bulldog Series Carolina Panthers
Oakland A's Baseball Bear
Oakland A's Baseball Bear 2
Oreo Cookie Guy
Piglet Holding Heart
Plucky Duck From Tiny Toons
Pooh Bear Holding Heart
Valentine Porky Pig
Valentine Petunia Pig

Newly added Patterns 1/25/04
Newly added Patterns 2/1/04

Daffy Duck
Baby Eeyore
Baby Piglet
Baby Pooh Bear
Baby Mickey Mouse
Baby Minnie Mouse
Plucky Duck From Tiny Toons
Elmer Fudd
Sneezer From Tiny Toons
Sam the Sheepdog From Loony Tunes
Helen The Hippo
Mickey mouse As Romeo
Minnie Mouse as Juliette
Oliver From Oliver & Co.
Percy Penguin
Snoopy In A Tuxedo

Newly added Patterns 2/1/04
Mickey Mouse as Captain Hook
April Showers Minnie
Bado From Sagwa siamese cat
Huang-do From Sagwa Siamese cat
Elmira from tiny toons
shirley McLoon from tiny toons
Blinky (3-eyed fish from the simpsons)
Frodo From Lord of the rings
Aladdin's Magic Carpet
Miss Keane From Power Puff Girls
Professor From Power Puff Girls
The Mayor From Power Puff Girls
Rocky Balboa
Roller Blading Bunny
Valentine My Little Pony
Valentine My Little Pony 2

Newly added Patterns 2/7/04
Baby Tigger
ChaCha chihuahaua
Cruella DeVille '04
Disco Mickey Mouse
Jon Garfield's Owner
Lou Seal SF Giants mascot
Lydia From beetle juice
Mr. Slate from flintstones
pink bunny with bunny slippers
sam from lord of the rings
SF Giants Pajama bear
Smurf '04
Woody From Toy Story '04

Newly added Patterns 2/9/04
Robot Mickey Mouse
Dodger from Oliver & Co.
Einstein From Oliver & Co.
Georgette From Oliver & Co.
Eric the St. Patricks Day Bear
FSU Crazy Fan Guy
Lemon Chiffon from Strawberry Shortcake
St. Patricks day Betty Boop
St. Patricks Day Elf Pooh Bear
St. Pats Bear
Robot Minnie MOuse
Lady From Lady & The Tramp
Tramp From Lady & The Tramp
St. Patrick's Day Mickey Mouse
Scamp from Lady & The Tramp
Annette From Lady & The Tramp
Danielle From Lady & The Tramp
Collette From Lady And The Tramp
Angel From Lady & The Tramp
Buster From Lady & The Tramp
Scratchy From Lady & The Tramp
Trusty From Lady & The Tramp
Jock From Lady & The Tramp
Sparky From Lady & The Tramp

Newly added Patterns 2/15/04
Robot Goofy
Baseball Tigger
Soccer TIgger
Biker Pooh
Soccer Donald
Soccer Mickey
Pal From Arthur
L.A. Lakers Bear
Magic Genie Tweety
Pain From Hercules
Panic From Hercules
Phil From Hercules
P.C Popple
Pancake Popple
Baby K-9 From Looney Tunes
Baby Marvin Martian
Baseball Tweety
Umpire Eeyore
Boy Kewpi Doll
Kewpi Doll
Scream Mask
Bride Hammy Hamster series
Hoagie From Codename Kids Nextdoor
Abby From Codename Kids Nextdoor
Wallabee From Codename Kids Nextdoor
Kuki From Codename Kids Next door
Cow From Cow & Chicken
Genie From Aladdin 04
Cowboy Mickey Mouse
Cowgirl Minnie Mouse
Leonardo Ninja Turtle
Raphael Ninja Turtle
Old Hag from Snow White
Sleepy From Snow White
Sneezy From Snow White

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